CorTen Steel outdoor fires from Stafforshire Favourite Stove Company 

 Since 1975 the Reny family have made outdoor like no other. We a changing enviroment we find our selves living when the summer here getting the most out of your garden whether in Stafforshire, Chesire, Debyshire etc is a must. That why we supply these lovely outdoor stoves from the Holland, the passion from this proffesional company is like know other. Why not give us a call to talk more - 01889 508790

What is CorTen Steel?

CorTen Steel is a weather proof material. The CorTen Steel has corrision resistance properties to give it a long lifespan.

The characteristics of CorTen steel is a brown-orange rust colour. Products are used to develop the CorTen Steel such as Iron, copper, 

silicon, nickel and chromium - through these being added to the iron the Steel gains a solid layer of rust.

The layer of rust that has to develop can take 2 to 6 months depending on the weather conditions.

After this; the CorTen no longer delivers the rust like water.


Why choose CorTen Steel?

  • The appearance - warm/rustic
  • The steel is longlasting (longer lifespan than ordinary steel)
  • strong tensile strenth material
  • 100% recyclable
  • Will not need to be treated
  • Unique rusting





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