Stûv applies the principles of Design Thinking to all of its activities as a way of approaching design and improvement. According to Stûv, design is a technical, aesthetic and functional solution applied to the product, so that it fully and sustainably responds to the user’s expectations. The simplicity of the end result guarantees its sustainability. Design by design, part of our DNA.

Stûv has an in-house design team that gets involved in all aspects of the company’s projects.


Its Research and Development activities mean that Stûv works with research centres and universities within the context of several national and international projects. The results of this research has led to applications for a large number of patents.

Innovation is a complex process that involves every department in a company, to different degrees.
The formal coherence of the product, which the designer guarantees, reflects the team’s cohesion
Gérard Pitance, industrial designer and co-founder of Stûv


The aesthetics of Stûv’s products are always justified. The form stems from the function, from the pleasure of using the product and the correct use of the materials and implementation techniques used.

Stûv develops products that respond to a real need, whether it’s practical, physiological or psychological. The solutions developed by Stûv must always take into account the concerns of anybody who, at any point in the product’s life, comes into contact with it: the people who manufacture the product, those who install it, those who use it and those who carry out the maintenance on it.


The form of a product is an inherent part of the architecture into which it fits. Stûv products do not have to submit the architecture. They respect it and inspire new directions for it.

The formal simplicity of products means that they can fit in to any kind of interior.


The quality of the products stems from this spirit of innovation and on-going commitment to improving technical performance, in order to boost the satisfaction that the user takes from day-to-day use and enhance their formal quality.

Stûv products are assembled at our production units in Belgium, and subject to systematic quality control procedures.

This means that Stûv offers an extension to the statutory guarantee (5 years / 3 years).

The Stûv name guarantees a quality product that will last.

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