Dik Geurts


Dik Geurts, which was acquired by DRU in 2007, is now the brand that represents our distinctive, contemporary wood burning stoves and wood fire inserts.
DRU has harnessed the knowledge, experience and expertise behind the Dik Geurts brand to produce a range of wood burning and multi-fuel products that cover all domestic applications.

You can choose from classic, no-nonsense woodburners, versatile solid fuel stoves, curvaceous and panoramic 3-sided log burning stoves and inset wood fires that will not look out of place in any style of home.
Dik Geurts wood fires and stoves are easy to use, energy-efficient, clean-burning and built to stand the test of time.

Simplicity of operation

All Dik Geurts wood fires and stoves deliver high efficiency and the cleanest possible combustion. All models meet the most stringent quality standards and certifications, so they are the very pinnacle of wood-burning technology. With Dik Geurts, anyone can produce a glorious wood fire. 

Easy to operate

Most Dik Geurts stoves are very easy to operate. They have only one lever for regulating the combustion air. One position allows the primary air into the stove and ensures rapid ignition of the fire. The other mode combines the primary air with second airflow and thus ensures maximum combustion.


The Dik Geurts range encompasses freestanding wood stoves, fireplace inserts, 2,3-sided and see-through tunnel wood fires in a huge selection of sizes and capacities.
Furthermore, for a small premium, you can order a wood fire insert that is tailor-made to your individual size and specification. Ask your dealer for more information.

Dik Geurts

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