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Living in a clean environment is vitally important for ourselves and our families. Fine dust particles are created by poor combustion processes, incorrect air in feed and low firebox temperatures.

Utilising optimum airflow control, Drooff Stoves' combustion technology prevents inefficient combustion which helps to keep the air we breathe clean.
Drooff have developed a brand of high-quality wood-burning stoves that fit all the requirements for a modern and economical heating system.
Dependant on the model, Drooff Stoves are fitted with a closing shaker grate or a fixed grate through which the primary air flows to the flame.
Every Drooff stove is fitted with an ash box, with the ash dropping through the grate into it. The amount of ash generated from your stove depends on the type of fuel and the heat's intensity. As a rule, your ash box should be emptied every few days.
Drooff Stoves are also equipped with a central connection for an outside-air supply. Please note, an outside-air connection is required when the stove is installed in a confined space, with the combustion air fed into the firebox through the outside-air pipe. Our team of installers will be able to tell you if you require an outside-air connection for your stove.

Cleaning your Drooff Stove

Only clean your stove when it is cool and there is no hot ash in the firebox. By regularly cleaning your Drooff stove will reward you with a warm home for years to come.
To remove ash from the firebox use a small shovel or similar tool. Ensure the ash contains no more glowing embers and has cooled down completely and store in a fireproof non-inflammable container. Also make sure the container is never placed on an inflammable or heat-sensitive surface.
If you need any advice about removing ash from your firebox, please let us know and our team of specialists will be able to advise on suitable accessories.

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