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Wood burning stoves by Drooff

Drooff Wood-burning Stoves

The production of DROOFF wood-burning stoves is still a skilled trade in the true sense of the word. Quality and durability take priority over standardisation and cost-reduction.

For the manufacture of Drooff stoves, only the best of materials are used, whose characteristics are perfectly suited to their purpose. They must have proved their value in years of practical use.

Quality Drooff wood burning stoves

Only stoves whose quality is visible and tangible can be a true source of pleasure and wellbeing. The quality of Drooff products and services are at the heart of the company’s business philosophy. For that reason, all Drooff stoves and products have a guarantee of five years.

DROOF Kaminöfen always designs its products with the latest technology in mind and use only safe and non-polluting processes and avoid experiments at the cost of our customers.

Drooff’s aim is to build stoves whose function and combustion technology are markedly better than those prescribed by industrial standards. They are exhaustively tested by impartial test institutes. DROOF wood-burning stoves are produced and assembled by trained specialists in accordance with the strictest guidelines. Compliance with these guidelines is monitored ceaselessly.

Most of the models of Drooff wood burning stoves on this page are available in various finishes, versions and have a variety of accessories.
For more information on each model, visit the Drooff stoves website.

Save energy with fire and water

A wood burning stove generates cosy warmth very quickly.
This warmth is spread around the room containing the woodburning stove with a high degree of efficiency. The advantage of DROOFF waterbearing stoves is that they can use the heat in all areas of your house – dosed out at any time and economically.
a watercarrying stove is connected to the central heating system as an additional energy supplier.
There is a water chamber within the stove, which is warmed when the fireplace is set alight. The heated water is then carried to the buffer storage via a heat exchanger. This is used as an intermediate station for the heated water, which then reaches all consumers in the house as hot and warm water.
With our water carrying stoves, around 2/3 of the heat is discharged to the water. The remaining 1/3 is discharged to the room as pleasant radiant and convection heating.
Furthermore, a water carrying stove offers the benefit of relieving the burden on the central heating system and also prevents the room from becoming too hot.
A solar panel on the roof and a water carrying stove in the living room allow you to enjoy the proverbial “place in the sun” – to a certain extent with a view to the roaring fireplace.
Using renewable energy such as solar power and biomass in the form of wood does not just help the atmosphere and the environment. It also provides a real glimmer of light for the home – at any time of year. As soon as the sun’s power begins to wane, the wood burning stove steps into its place.
Our watercarrying wood burning stoves offer you energy savings of up to 50% through its very high degree of efficiency and optimal combustion technique.
Our tip: Relax in front of the roaring fireplace of a DROOFF water carrying stove, put your feet up and save yourself some money!

It goes without saying that all Drooff wood-burning stoves comply with all applicable standards and requirements.

DROOFF wood burning stoves

EN 13240
All DROOFF stoves are tested to EN 13240 and therefore fulfil all European requirements of safety and environmental protection.