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EBios bio-ethanol fireplaces

Bio-Ethanol fireplaces from EBios

EBios fireplaces are exclusively fuelled with bioethanol – or simply “ethanol” – which is green, non-fossil fuel made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of organic matter – mainly sugarcane, potatoes and crops like grain or even hay.

The green alternative

As a renewable energy source, today bioethanol has many uses: blended with petrol, it makes transport fuel more sustainable. It is used in production processes of the cosmetics-, medical- and food industries. And – last but not least – when used in ebios-fire® appliances, it creates a beautiful, lively flame which burns without odour or leaving a residue.

Efficient green energy

All EBios fireplaces are technically engineered in such a manner that their combustion temperature secures not only a minimum fuel consumption but also a clean combustion of bioethanol. This means in turn that a chimney or flue are not needed and thus that 100% of the heat generated are kept indoors.

Clean combustion without any smoke, smell and soot emission

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