About Everhot Cookers

Everhot cookers were invented over forty years ago at Coaley Mill in the Cotswolds. They were originally designed to bring background warmth to kitchens without using high amounts of energy

Today, the brand offers a wide range of Everhot cookers in a range of colours that look beautiful in any style or sized home. As well as offering good looks and energy efficient heating, each of these hand-built cookers is robust and reliable. 

As it requires no flue and can be plugged into a regular 13amp socket, they are easily moved around and transported should you move home. Each Everhot cooker boasts oven temperatures from 5c to 250c making them perfect for baking and cooking a wide range of meals with low running costs. 

Everhot 100 Range Cooker 

The Everhot 100 is hand-crafted with traditional style and is, without a doubt, a stunning centrepiece to any kitchen. It has not just one but three ovens behind cast iron doors alongside a casserole oven and warming oven. 

On the top, there's a simmer plate which can be independently controlled and left on should you require it. 

Everhot 60 Range Cooker 

Perfect for smaller kitchens, the Everhot 60 range cooker is a traditional cooking range that doesn't take up a huge amount of space. While compact, it also has two ovens, hotplates and a grill, making it a versatile piece of kit for your home. 

Everhot 120 Range Cooker

One of the latest range cookers in the Everhot range, the Everhot 120 series is a versatile choice that can be customised to suit your needs. 

The original Everhot 120 has three ovens and four hotplates, each of which is independently adjustable. The two large top ovens also have an integral grill, providing you with a unit that can confidently handle big breakfasts, Sunday roasts and family dinners. 

The Everhot 120i also boasts a three-zone induction hob, adding a further dimension to your cooking capability! 

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About Everhot Cookers

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