A stylish fireplace from Yarlet Stoves can make a massive difference to the feel of any interior and we are proud to offer a number of cosy fireplace suites that will enhance your property.

Whether you are looking for a wall-mounted or freestanding fireplace, we have a selection that will make any room a warm and comfortable space where you and your family can put your feet up.

A fireplace is often the focal point of any room, which gives off the perfect mix of warmth and ambient light, so choosing the right one to match your interior is important.

How do electric fires work?

Electric fires are one of the types of fireplaces we supply here at Yarlet Stoves. If you have never had an electric fire before, here is a simple guide to how they work.

Electric fires create a flame imitation by projecting LED lights onto a screen in a randomised pattern. Some models will only have one line of LED lights at the bottom while others have 2 or more LED stripes added for flame colour options, depth and realism.
Most electric fires have a built-in heater that works independently from the flame, meaning you can enjoy your fireplace all year round.

What are bioethanol fires?

A bio-ethanol fire is an alternative source of real-flame heat that runs on bio-ethanol fuel as opposed to gas or logs. This type of fuel is produced from plants such as sugar cane or maize, making it more eco-friendly than traditional burning fuels.

Bio-ethanol fuel is poured into the burner and lit to start your fire. The fuel will burn for 4-5 hours or until extinguished, which is done by closing the lid or starving the flame of oxygen. The fire can then easily be topped up with more fuel once cooled if you want your fire to burn longer.

Gas fires explained

A gas fireplace is hooked up to either bottled gas, natural gas or city gas. The combustion takes place in a fully closed system with the help of a concentric flue, which is a double pipe system with one pipe feeding in the air from the outside, and the other sending flue gasses out. This means your indoor climate is not affected and there is no requirement as to the amount of air in the room or the draught in the chimney.

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