Chesney's Firerplaces

We believe in the fusion of traditional and modern design and manufacturing techniques. Everything we make; be it our period and contemporary fireplaces, our climate-friendly stoves and outdoor heaters or our post-tensioned staircases, is driven by this principle.

Whether it is our skilled artisans carving marble for a chimneypiece or our in-house Research & Development team testing our latest stoves for eco-design 2022 approval, they are all focussed on the right way to deliver timeless quality, combined with cutting-edge innovation.

We express this commitment to excellence with this simple set of day-to-day principles:

Quality: ‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough, we must aim for perfection.

Beauty: We focus on design, materials, detail and a finish to make the heart sing.

Engineering: We manufacture cutting-edge, durable products, that work brilliantly.

Inventive: We are always seeking new ways to do things better.

Service: We know our customers have a choice, so we deliver a service, second to none.

Responsible: We know there is only one planet and we aim to look after it.

Chesney's Firerplaces

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We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service to all our customers from initial enquiry through to installation.