Mendip Stoves

Mendip Stoves

Mendip Stoves are an award-winning designer and producer of wood-burning stoves. Since 2008, this family-run business in Somerset has built its reputation on supplying superior wood-burning stoves of the finest quality to homes and properties all over the country.

As experts in stove design and creation, Mendip Stoves are built to last with the very best combustions techniques - not to mention they look simply stunning in any home they are installed in!
They are one of the most recognised companies on the British stove market which is constantly developing new products to meet the demands of customers.

Unique features for stoves manufactured by Mendip include three-way air control adjustment, heat storage blocks plus a smart air wash system which keeps the glass door looking spectacularly clean.


All 5kW stoves by Mendip are SIA Ecodesign Ready. This means that they emit fewer particulates whilst still generating great amounts of heat, which makes them one of the cleanest and most efficient wood burning stoves you’ll find on the market.
With the introduction of clean air spaces, ensuring you opt for the best stove of the time increases its longevity.

Trusted Suppliers

Due to the pride that the family-run business takes in their stoves, they ensure that all of the retailers that they work with go above and beyond when it comes to customer service and fitting their stoves. That's why here at Yarlet Stoves we are honoured to be able to fit these exquisite stoves in the homes of our customers.

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Mendip Stoves

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