Spartherm Stoves

Spartherm Stoves create a homely warmth in every room they call home. Stylish, yet effortlessly timeless, these innovative designs are lovingly created by a family-run business, Spartherm. As a family business ourselves, the ethos and values upheld by Spartherm echo our own, as such we take great pride in supplying and installing high quality, modern stoves in the homes of our customers.

As one of the largest fireplace manufacturers in Europe, Spartherm proudly creates high-performing stoves that look the part in any home. This includes beautiful, durable fireplace inserts that combine both the very latest in technology with interior design style. From heat storage technology to combustion control and hot air tiled stove heating inserts, with Spartherm stoves and fireplaces, you can be sure of a product that both looks the part and creates a warming, ambient atmosphere wherever you choose to have it installed.

Environmentally Friendly

Spartherm stoves and fireplaces are known throughout Germany and Europe for being at the forefront of the industry. The Spartherm family name is synonymous with top quality and modern design, and each and everyone is made with a passion for the craft.

All stoves from Spartherm meet the highest environmental and safety standards. In fact, their products meet the standards for Germany’s Federal Emissions Control Act, which is one of the most rigorous environmental laws in Europe for wood-burning appliances. To go the extra mile, Spartherm also offers a BAFA approved particle filter, which is capable of filtering out 60% of soot particles from the flue gas. This makes their stoves even more environmentally friendly, helping you to minimise your own personal environmental impact from the comfort of your home.

Stoves & Fireplaces For The Future

Spartherm is heavily invested in creating great fireplace and stove designs while keeping a finger on the pulse of innovation. To that end, they are constantly masterminding new and creative ways to reuse energy throughout the home in a practical, clean and safe way. To do that, they design and create stunning fireplaces that are fitted with integrated water heat exchangers. These exchangers allow heat accumulated by the fireplace to be used elsewhere in your home for an all-in-one solution you’ll feel the benefit of wherever you are in your house.

Learn More About Spartherm With Yarlet Stoves

At Yarlet Stoves, many of our core values and the way we do business resonates deeply with the ethos of the Spartherm brand. With that, we are proud to supply their products and fit them seamlessly into the homes of our customers.

If you would like to learn more about Spartherm stoves and fireplaces, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Our friendly team is on hand to help you to find the right wood-burning or multi-fuel stove for your home. From helping you to find the right size and type of stove based on your needs to safe and efficient installation, our all-round service provides everything you need to enjoy a beautiful new stove or fireplace at your property.

Finally, safety and high performance in the supply and installation of stoves and fireplaces are always at the forefront of our mind so, with us, you can be sure of a high level of service alongside the very best products from start to end.

Spartherm Stoves

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