About Our Stoves

Over a number of years, we have developed a strong reputation across the region for supplying and fitting the very best stoves that not only look the part but perform to the very best standards possible. Here you will find the very best products available on the market, from clean and efficient wood burning stoves from Chesneys and Mendip to stylish multi-fuel stoves from Woodwarm. 

All of our products can be seen at the Yarlet Stoves Showroom, were you can speak to our friendly team and select the very best stove for your home and its needs. 

Wood Burning Stoves

Typically crafted from cast iron or steel, wood burning stoves generate heat by burning wood, such as logs, in the fire chamber. One of the biggest and best benefits of a wood burner is that it is an effective way to heat your home quickly and efficiently, and they can usually be placed in any room of the house with a chimney or flue.

As well as being energy efficient and environmentally friendly, wood burning stoves also look stylish and add a whole new dimension to your home. They are a welcoming addition to living rooms and kitches that is bursting with character, and the huge range of styles available mean you will easily find one to match your interior design style. 

Multi-Fuel Stoves 

Alongside wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves are a popular choice for many homes. These kinds of stoves are designed to use a variety of materials of fuel, including wood, coal and other smokeless fuels. 

Having such a wide range of ways to generate heat with a multi-fuel stove means there are lots of choices available to the user at any one time. They also don't rely on any expternal power and look cosy and inviting throughout the seasons, particularly in winter. 

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If you are considering a stove for your home, please contact us today. Not only can we help you find the right product for you based on your specifications and preferences, we can also arrange safe and reliable fitting, free delivery, and cast iron guarantees to ensure you can comfortably enjoy your chosen stove for many years to come. 

About Our Stoves

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