Rocal - Barcelona's Favourite Stove

Since 1982 Rocal have been creating some of the most inatovite inserts, freestanding stoves, bbqs and accessories. 
With all there products being designed, produced and manfactured just outside of Barcelona. The quality is guarenteed thats why here at
Yarlet Stoves we are more than happy to supply and install any rocal product. These design features stoves and fires inserts often need specialist work 
which is something we are more than happy to do for you.  

Rocal are more than happy to bespoke products if possible to personal requiremtns with there in house design team. 

It's very clear why rocal are moving forward to one of the world leaders. They use the latest technolgy to use minumum energy to work towards a greener futers and they also guarentee the quality and that all stove meet european standards. 

Why Choose Yarlet Stoves?

We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service to all our customers from initial enquiry through to installation.