Heta Wood Burning Stoves

When you choose a HETA stove, you get Danish design and quality developed through more than 150 years.


HETA is a family-owned business, located in Lemvig near the west coast of Jutland in Denmark. This is where HETAs stoves are developed and manufactured from idea to finished product. Today, HETA is selling stoves to customers in 22 countries.

HETA was founded in 1972 with Erik Bach at the steering wheel for the first many years. Today, Erik’s two sons, Carsten and Martin Bach, are heading the company.

For the first couple of years, the company produced hot water containers, refrigeration plants, tanks for fishing vessels and feeders for agriculture.

In 1984, HETA started a collaboration with L. Lange & Co, a Danish iron foundry in Svendborg, founded by Lars Lange, a manufacturer of old cast iron stoves since 1850. After a few years later, HETA acquired L. Lange & Co’s activities.

In 1989, HETA developed the first of a long series of modern stoves, which laid the foundation for all the stoves in HETAs current range. Today, HETA also manufactures stove inserts, pellet stoves, aqua stoves, thermal mass stoves and outdoor stoves to quality-conscious consumers, not only in Denmark but worldwide.

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TA is Danish design and quality, where we have catered for every detail. HETA stoves, inserts and pellet stoves offer a great source of heat in your home, adds to the decor and spread cosiness on cold days. When you choose a HETA stove you get cozy heat for living, peace of mind from Danish design and quality, developed through more than 150 years.

In Lemvig, on the west coast of Jutland, HETA is manu­facturing all their stoves, inserts, pellet stoves, aqua stoves, thermal mass stoves and outdoor products in steel and cast iron, from idea to finished product.

We are constantly developing, updating and extending our impressive range of stoves. The craftsmanship and the pride of creating our own products are still the main characteristics of HETA, and these values are clearly reflected in our innovative and functional stoves.

We feel strongly about the environment and our common future. For many years, HETA has been working intensely on environmentally friendly manufacturing of clean-burning stoves for the benefit of the environment.

All HETA stoves have impressively high burning value so, you get more out of your firewood, and polluting gases are burned before leaving the chimney.

All stoves are inspected before leaving the factory. In addition to that, you naturally get a full five years’ warranty on your HETA stove.

Heta Wood Burning Stoves

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