Stuv 22

The Stûv 22 is a superb feature to any interior setting.  On display in our showroom in Staffordshire, you will see the style and exceptional versatility of this wood-burning stove.  With a frame that is almost undetectable, you will benefit from seeing more of the burning flame.  With the sliding glass door open or closed you will see for yourself the undisturbed view of the fire.  With patented technology from Stûv the door frame will recede into the decorative material you have chosen for your individual fire.  The finished materials to encase your fire can be selected from stone, wood or steel.

The maintenance and access of the Stûv 22 internal surfaces and components is easily achieved as the frame tips forward to a designated halt.  The output is ranged between 5kW and 23kW(Stûv 22) with overtly clean combustion.

Eco Design Ready and we can install this woodburning stove in Cheshire. 



Stuv 22

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