STÛV Stoves

Since being established in 1983, Stuv has been one of the pioneers of contemporary wood-burning stoves, with a minimalist philosophy that remains to present day.

STUV wood-burning stoves are designed for floor or wall-mounting, which are available in many different formats with sizes varying according to the heat output.

Maximum output is achieved when running STUV stoves in a closed mode which allows the heat output to be adjusted.

Environmentally Friendly Heat for Your Home

STUV's wood-burning stoves give you a cosy, efficient and environmentally-friendly heat, with every model incorporating unique designs with tried-and-tested quality. You will certainly be in no doubt that you have purchased a Stuv stove!

STUV 16 Stoves

STUV 16 stoves are the ideal solution for main, top-up or background heating, which are available in three different sizes from Yarlet Stoves.

This type of wood-burning stove can be placed on a Stuv base, an artisan-crafted base or a piece of furniture - the choice is yours!

There is also the option of adding a fan, plus the Stuv 16 is equipped with a hinged door that allows your fire to be easily refuelled.

How to Shut Down Your Fire

To shut down your Stuv stove in a controlled and safe manner, Yarlet Stoves would advise closing the air feed, which also starves the fire of oxygen which results in the extinguishing of the fire.

Yarlet Stoves - Qualified Stuv Stove Installers

Yarlet Stoves are happy to talk to builders, architects, developers and designers to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible when it comes to adding a wood-burning stove to your home.

As an approved Stuv stove dealer, we can guarantee your model will be fitted by a team of qualified professionals. Our stove experts are here to help you find your perfect Stuv stove now. Feel free to browse our collection above or pay our showroom in Staffordshire a visit.

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