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Why Buy From Us

Why buy from Yarlet Stoves?

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The internet is a wonderful tool for researching what products are available throughout the country. However, there are grave dangers involved when buying expensive products directly from an unknown internet trader.
A buyer’s contract is with the person or company from whom the product is purchased. Their guarantee is only valid as long as that company is trustworthy and still trading. The ability to close down a company and open up again is an all too easy one…sometimes even from the same building!

If goods turn out to be faulty, there is no obligation on the manufacturer to rectify the fault….the responsibility lies with the seller. Many of the more reputable manufacturers will not supply their products to Internet sellers. The internet sellers get round this by purchasing the goods through someone less scrupulous. If a fault occurs even within the manufacturers guarantee period, then you will have great difficulty obtaining replacements or spares as they do not come through the correct supply chain.

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Internet sellers sell purely on price…they can cut profit margins because they do not intend to provide an after sales service or a guarantee. Even if they say they will, when push comes to shove, we are in the industry and have experience that they won’t. If you decide that price is the most important factor, then you will always wonder if you are getting what you really want or need.

Can it be fitted in your home or maybe there might be a size / output / safety issue? Will you be able to get a registered competent fitter to install it? Otherwise, you will need planning permission for any alteration to your chimney, flue, heating appliance or fireplace. You might fall foul of several other regulations and end up with an illegal installation. If this occurs
you won’t get a valid HIPS certificate should you wish to sell your house. And finally, may also be invalidating your home insurance.

So, having bought the item and had it installed, what if there is a fault? The seller blames the installer, the installer blames the seller and you are the piggy in the middle!

Buying from the internet is a huge gamble. Buying expensive, heavy and bulky goods is a high risk gamble. Very difficult or maybe impossible to get them returned, unless you pay the re-stocking charges and carriage.

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So why buy from us?
The majority of our business comes via recommendation or repeat orders. We have built up our reputation and it hasn’t been easy, but as our clients say, we are worth it. You might be paying for a degree of service but you will always remain assured that you have the right product, correctly fitted and a back up service if required. A shop front where you can come and talk face to face with a real person. What is that worth….