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Wood burning stoves by Woodwarm

Woodwarm multi fuel stoves

Woodwarm have been producing Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Stoves for over 40 years and are still infused with the same passion for creating one of the most important heating decisions a home owner will need to make.
They are unrivalled with options from Boilers to heat water to leg frames, plinth, pedestals and flue adaptors, this is because each stove and its parts are hand built here in the UK.
Handmade, hand designed, reliability assured.

The Fireview Range, The Woodwarm Multi Fuel range of stoves allowing a vast array of fuels to be burned from Brown Coal (Lignite) through Homefire ovals, Ancit (and other coal derivatives) to Wood, all without the need to alter the construction of the stove.

The WildWood Range, Wood burning is quickly becoming the fuel of choice due to its sustainability, and being Carbon Neutral is far less damaging on the environment. Did you know a tree will release as much carbon dioxide rotting in the woods as it does heating your home?

The Enigma Range, 3.5kW inset and 8.0kW Freestanding stoves, A single door displaying the charm of a two door stove, a vital aspect to keeping the glass clean at all times. Fixed grate incorporating the log retainer.

The Slender Range, Multi Fuel and Woodburning Stoves all designed for the larger look but with a reduced output, (ideal for small rooms with big fireplaces).

The Double Sided Range, Double sided stoves are available in combinations of double-sided single depth and double-sided double depth, effectively two stoves back to back. These are extremely popular with barn conversions or where two rooms connect via the fireplace.

The FoxFire, This superb little stove boasts 82% efficiency on both coal and wood, DEFRA approval, and with the ability to pipe air directly to the stove, makes it the stove of choice for new build housing.

The Phoenix Range, The latest addition to the Woodwarm family, the Phoenix Range represent a very minimal looking stove, fuss free with a very modern look, DEFRA approval for use in smokeless zones, and with the ability to pipe air directly to the freestanding stoves makes it the stove of choice for new build housing.

Woodwarm stoves handcrafted in the heart of Devon for over 30 years

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